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Theresa has been graced with an extensive array of career opportunities that have allowed her to utilize both her intellectual expertise and her prized creativity.  Along with having over twenty years of experience as a professional director and actress, she also has an extensive background in media production.  For over a decade she has worked both as a freelance audio book producer and writer, as well as having worked as an Executive Producer, Writer and the Director of Life Coaching Programs at the world’s largest audio book publisher, Nightingale-Conant Corporation.  Most noted for her work as a respected audio book producer, writer and interviewer, she has created over 75 audio and video programs, for a wide variety of New York Times best-selling authors. 



Interview on Jealousywith Marianne Williamson
Interview on Visualizationwith Dr. David Hawkins
Video Creation:
Whether you want to keep recordings of your childrens' first words, or have a birthday, anniversary, baptism, birth or life-long legacy to celebrate, Theresa creates very personal and profound audios and videos that record the life and times of beloved friends and family members keeping their legacies alive and intact for years to come!

Theresa, the Spiritual Healing Intensive program is the best audio program that has ever been produced for me.  In your writing as well, you really capture the essence of my message.  Thanks for all you do for my ministry.  Blessings. - Ron Roth, Best-Selling Author, and Theologian


Theresa, your expertise and guidance made it possible for me to present my program in the optimum manner.   You maintained the integrity of the message and at the same time, you presented it in a manner that is clear, understandable, and fascinating to the listening customer.  You have superior ability and discernment in determining the most effective presentation. Even though you have a confident, take-charge attitude, it is tempered with appropriate sensitivity. I was especially impressed with your skill in raising and holding the energy in the recording room.  You were intentionally blessing and uplifting me with your energy and expression. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you. - Doni Schultz, Author & Speaker


Writing a book or creating an audio program is a labor of love and you feel that nobody else can really fully understand your work.  You not only fully understood the program, you took it to another level with your amazing creative talent. You could tell by the voicemail I left you after receiving the program that I was deeply touched by how much of not only your wonderful passion and creativity you had put into this project, but also how much of your heart was in there too. Keep doing what you are doing. You passion, creativity and commitment are an inspiration to all those around you. - Stephen Edwards, Author and Speaker   


I just have to thank you for your expert midwifery, for pulling the best possible product out of me, and then editing it to make it even better.  Your sure, sensitive touch made you a dream to work with, encouraging me with your warm smile when I was on a roll, signaling me with a simple furrowing of her brow when I needed to circle back and clarify.  - Dean Sluyter, Author & Speaker


I want to tell you how very please Gloria and I are with the program It is still astounding (a miracle) to us how you pulled it off and in such a short period of time, too. It is a job very well done, and we are grateful for what you did. - Kenneth Wapnick, Co-author and custodian of A Course In Miracles


Theresa, I listened to my own tapes and it was like an out of body experience. I must say, you did an awesome job!! Congrats!   I cannot wait till we can work together again! - Robert Pino, Author & Speaker

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