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Theresa has been writing for over a decade and a half. With particular interest in awakening the consciousness of humankind, she has been an active member of the self-help world as a writer, speaker, producer and seeker.

Theresa has been the All About Town... columnist for Conscious Community magazine (formerly The Monthly Aspectarian) since August, 2012. Committed to the evolution of humanity, this magazine has over 200,000 readership throughout the midwest.  Theresa weaves her reviews of seminars, conferences and other community events with her own journey of self-discovery. Especially known for her authenticity and candor, she enjoys sharing laughter, tears and and the odd girgle with her valued readers.

Four e-study guides that Theresa wrote are currently rated at four stars or above on Amazon, GoodReads and Barnes and Noble: Leadership Mastery Course, Dale Carnegie Foundation (Simon & Schuster: Amazon 4½-star  rating); Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich Study Guide (Gildan Media: Amazon 5-star rating, Barnes & Noble 4½-star rating); Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich Study Guide (Gildan Media: Amazon 5-star rating); George S. Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon Study Guide (Gildan Media: Amazon 5-star rating).

Amazon Reviews

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Study Guide


This is a great study guide of Think and Grow Rich. It brings forth the fine elements that you may miss when you read the book by itself. – BLC, 5 ★


The study guides will help put the principles into practice -- the hardest part about this book. :) – Allison L. Hodgson, 5 ★


I suggest the study guide and to work the exercises. This is meant to be read over and over and practiced in your daily life routines. – Joe Powell, 5 ★


The review questions at the end of each chapter were a plus and really helps you to grasp what was presented in the respective chapters. That was a nice touch. – Reggie, 5 ★

George S. Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon, Study Guide


This book is amazing! Adding a study guide makes a greater impact. – Cassandra Owens, 5 ★


This book is the corner stone that everyone that wants to do well in life needs to read. The study guide helps you get more out of the book. – Reed V. Affolter, 5 ★


Great book with a great study guide. – David G. Smith, 5 ★


There's some good basic financial advice in this book that would be great for any child - or any person - to adhere to. I intend to go over the study guide with my child as they read it. – Bookwyrm, 5 ★


This is quite a book. A very timely essay-timeless actually- one all persons should read...For the young- forever optimistic, and oblivious - a must read... The study guide is particularly helpful. – Jesse S. Roa, 5 ★


Having just read this book in record time, I can tell you that its lessons, while not unknown to the common man, are presented in such a way as to drive home their point, while keeping you engaged in the narrative. The study guide included in this edition serves as a nice little summation of the main points at the end of each chapter. I found it helpful as a quick review to further strengthen the lessons of the story. I am beyond thrilled to have discovered this treasure of a story, and would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to better themselves. – Benny Billings, 5 ★


Filled with relevant information about the uses of money, how to acquire it for the long hall and start with a good work ethic. Put into parables you are entertained while reading about the way money works through life situations. A little difficult with the thee's and tho's at times but the Study Guide portion gets you on track and high lights things you may have missed. – James Nichols Jr., 5 ★


The study guide is a good self-study. I ignored them on my first read, but intend to go through them later. – Fatto, 5 ★


Great book! Better than the original, has more useful content that supplements the original book. Was worth the price of the book. – Amazon Customer, 5 ★

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