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Yesolutions Coaching & TRAINING


Theresa has trained over 3,000 individuals throughout the United States and Canada on a myriad of subjects.  Widely known for her out-of-the-box style of entertaining as she presents, she incorporates humor, attendee engagement exercises and practical applications that respond to all learning styles.

Conflict Resolution From the Inside Out

​Whether in the classroom, corporate office or family system, conflict is inevitable. How you deal with it, however can vastly change the dynamics of the group.  While jealousy, competitiveness, resentment and anger are all natural responses to life's challenges, shaming yourself and others for such natural feelings will only serve to create more conflict. Once you realize that conflict begins and ends from within, you become empowered and change naturally occurs. In this revolutionary program, Theresa exposes all of the trappings and tricks that our minds play, and supports participants in being more self-accountable so that they can let go of defensiveness and explore creative and fun ways to forgive themselves and others. Cultivating confidence supports all staff in a movement towards a more supportive, creative and thriving corporate culture! 

SAY "YES" and Serve your best

In the constantly evolving international marketplace, competition is fierce and outstanding customer service essential. Ensuring that your staff is committed to both internal and external customers is key to creating and maintaining a thriving business. Focusing on "how may I serve?" from the heart, can shift attitudes and transform the customer experience. In this outstanding program, Theresa takes staff through a myriad of practical tools and applications, such as:  Clarifying the cycle of service and enhancing the moments of truth in your particular business, role play and learning how to best deal with difficult customers, cultivating the actively listening skills, learning how to build longevity and loyalty with customers, self-care when dealing with disgruntled customers, finding the joy in customer-care whomever the customer, extreme self-care, managing burnout and much more! 

say "yes" and Lead your best

While many individuals manage their companies, few are exceptional and well-respected leaders. As integrity and transparency in the workplace have come to the forefront, there is a greater demand for management who embody the essence of true leadership. In this unprecedented program, Theresa helps to turn staff who are merely coping into top notch leaders, by cultivating a sense of true in-powerment. In this program she focuses on key topics such as; win-win conflict resolution, self-accountability, cooperative communication, cultural competency and diversity, creative flexibility and unwavering work-life balance.​ Using her customized assessment tools, she navigates through your current workplace culture, and takes the management team through leading-edge interactive systems assessments and targeted transformation practices in appreciative inquiry, critical judgment, organizational change and inner power-based conflict resolution


Say "yes" and sell your best
Any effective salesperson wins over their potential clients through authentic connection and with a mindset that truly supports them. In this one-of-a-kind program, Theresa takes sales reps through the process of learning who their clients are, what they are looking for and how they can best serve them. Unlike most sales training, this program supports sales staff in a way that may even be considered antithetical. Once they complete this program, they will enhance their ability to authentically connect with customers through intuitive profiling, active listening, engaging storytelling, and purposeful, proactive follow through.  
Team-Trust Building

When those among your workforce support one other, they create an environment of joyful connection and uncompromised commitment. Whether it is community, scholastic, athletic or corporate, in this fun-filled, interactive training program, Theresa works with your team to support them in creating an environment that successfully functions as a single trusting unit. In this exceptional program your team will learn to focus on the elements that each member possesses that contribute to maintaining continuous cohesion, supporting process flow, encouraging productive, proactive vision and welcoming unbridled creative expression. 


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole workshop, especially Theresa’s presentational style, her humor and care-full-ness. – Audrey V. 


I most appreciated the skill with which Theresa elicited participation from attendees. Very good handouts, and tools to help participants get at various aspects of the topic in different ways. Good tailoring of content for those who attended. She also provided some excellent video support resources as well. – R.H. 

Theresa was dynamic and personal. She had a good balance between lecture and experiential activities. I was able to think about my fears and accept myself, including my flaws. – M.L.F-P.

I had two really good breakthroughs and I am interested in any and all topics you present in the future. - K.R.

The quality and contents of the presentation were outstanding. Theresa presented with heart, clarity and relevance. She helped me crystalize insights that have been culminating inside. Perfect timing! – Ingrid S.


This was wonderful! You are awesome! I loved it. It was an incredible experience! Thank you! - Sylvia B.


I really was able to acknowledge, see and feel my blocks in a profound way. I have been working on them for years and this is the first time I felt able to dissolve them and move forward. – Katie W.

Theresa has fantastic energy. She is contagious and inspiring! – Beth W.

Great approach and patience with all knowledge levels. I was looking for something new, and more experiential learning with subjects. I got it here. Thank you! - Ken K.

It was an interesting and fun presentation. Well structured. I love your energy! Thank you for a great class. – Linda Z.N.

Great class! It really makes you ask yourself the hard questions and get to the point of manifesting. – J. D.

I listened to myself and I was able to become clear about blockages. Finally it was easy. I was finally allowing. Thank you. – Beverly J.V.

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