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Theresa has been a professional writer for over fifteen years.  She started her writing career at Nightingale-Conant Corporation where, as the Director of Coaching Programs, she wrote several instruction manuals to accompany a plethora of Nightingale-Conant motivational audio books. She has written, ghost-written and produced a wide range of communications, including over 100 newsletters, annual reviews, magazine articles, commercials,  study guides, motivational audio books, and children's books. 

Motivational BOOKs

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Study Guides

(Gildan & Simon& Schuster)

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Napoleon Hill The Law of Success Deluxe Edition (Amazon, Barnes & Noble 4stars, GoodReads 4¾ stars 

George Classon The Richest Man in Babylon Deluxe Edition – Study Guide (Gildan), Amazon 5 stars

Dale Carnegie The Leadership Mastery Course (Simon & Schuster) – Amazon 4½ stars

Sun Tsu The Art of War Deluxe Edition – Study Guide (Gildan)

Claude Bristol The Magic of Believing (Gildan)

Niccolò Machiavelli The Prince Deluxe Special Edition (Gildan)

Fredrick Douglass Narrative Deluxe Edition (Gildan) 

Ernest Shurtleff Holmes Original Science of Mind Deluxe Edition (Gildan)

Study guides

(Nightingale-Conant & Ghostwriting) 

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"Theresa, you are a highly professional and intelligent woman...what an excellent individual and executive you are!"  - Brian Tracy, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Speaker


"Thank you, Theresa Puskar, who, from a cozy beautiful timber lodge in the glow of a huge, warm fireplace, looking over beautiful Lake Tahoe and surrounded by miles of snow, outlined this book over dinner.  I so appreciate all your assistance and editing of all my other Nightingale-Conant projects over the years.  You are a bright and shining gem. (Book Acknowledgement)"  - Dr. Luanne Oakes, Author, Speaker and Metaphysicist


"Theresa is an exceptional member of an outstanding team!" - Robert Kiyosaki, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Financial Advisor


"Writing a book or creating an audio program is a labor of love and you feel that nobody else can really fully understand your work.  You not only fully understood the program, you took it to another level with your amazing creative talent. You could tell by the voicemail I left you after receiving the program that I was deeply touched by how much of not only your wonderful passion and creativity you had put into this project, but also how much of your heart was in there too. Keep doing what you are doing. You passion, creativity and commitment are an inspiration to all those around you." - Stephen Edwards, Author and Speaker   


"As Vice President of Publishing, I am required to manage an enormous number of projects with very limited human resources.  Theresa was one of those rare employees who’s great talent and work ethic allowed her to “wear many hats” in our company Initially, Theresa’s main role at Nightingale-Conant, was the Director of Coaching Programs—a very high-pressure, results-oriented role with limited resources.  Additionally, Theresa offered her valuable creative thinking and writing skills in helping to produce new programs and write program workbooks.  Finally, because of her incredible skills, Theresa was made a full-time producer, one of Nightingale-Conant’s more prestigious and visible positions.  Her determination to make every audio production a true work of art, giving each project the unique attention to detail that it deserved, was truly amazing.  What’s more, Theresa’s dynamic personality and ability to work well with others made quite an impression on the high-profile authors that she served.  While I was negotiating contracts with new authors, several of them made a special request to work with Theresa—her great reputation in our industry truly preceded her."  - Dan Strutzel. VP Publishing, Nightingale-Conant

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