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The "Terri" Series

Whether a parent, teacher or loving friend, the “Terri” series has been created to assist you in your continued efforts as a thoughtful and committed caregiver. We were all a “Terri” at one time in our lives - free-spirited, creative and inquisitive young cherubs.  However, many of us have lost ourselves in the pressures and responsibilities that carry us into the “adult” world. The “Terri” series has been created to assist you in nurturing self-awareness, confidence and continued creativity in the lives of the children you care for (children ages 5 - 9).  Each book contains pages that encourage your children to tell their own stories in words and in drawings, as well as providing you with caregiving tips and activities that correspond to the book's lessons. 

The Trouble With Terri


You may have your own little Terri in your family; most of us do. Terri lives in the moment. She expresses what she feels when it arises, and then moves on. She has a healthy relationship with her emotions; one that we could all aspire to. She is a free spirit and being fully expressive, she can at times seem a handful to caregivers. Through the trials and tribulations of Terri, this book explores several aspects of positive child rearing: 


  • Caregiver/child mirroring and triggering

  • The healthy expression and acceptance of emotions. 


Learn more about how you can accept your reactions, and embrace the challenges you face with your “expressive” children.

No Computer Games Today!


In a world where technology and over-scheduling are challenges that caregivers often face, re-directing your children away from the trappings of technology-based gaming can be difficult. In this book Terri is taken on a techno-free journey where she learns:


  • How to discover the magic that abounds when she lays her computers to rest

  • Activities that support her in exploring the wonders of her imagination.


Unfortunately, unless you limit your child’s time in front of the television, phone or computer, they will likely choose them over entertaining themselves.  This book illustrates several options that transport your child into the world of imagination and play.  

Celebrate All You Create


n this book Terri’s mother shares a story that depicts her struggles with self-criticism, competition and comparing. This book explores two particular aspects of positive child rearing: 


  • The discouragement that can come with competition

  • Disillusionment and self-judgment when we compare ourselves to others. 


I If you have struggled with judging your creative expressions, or if you have witnessed your children doing so, this book is for you!  This gem of a story provides children with a wider perspective on creativity, and is a conversation catalyst for caregivers, teachers and emotional health experts alike.

What Do You Fear, Terri Dear?


Fear of the unknown is a common part of the childhood experience. In fact, fear is one of the great challenges that each of us face throughout our lives, whatever our age may be. In this book, Terri looks to her mother for guidance and support in dealing with her fear of the dark.


She learns how to:

  • Not feel ashamed about her fears, and how she can accept them as normal

  • Focus on her courage, commitment and creative power to transform her fears.


A full cast of fun and freaky characters join mom in help Terri to accept her fear and confront it head on. 

No Teasing, Please!


While you might drill into your children that those who tease really don't like themselves, the teasing still hurts! In this book Terri is shown how teasing is not acceptable behavior, and how she can best respond when confronted with it. She learns that it not about her and that:


  • Everyone feels odd or different in one way or another

  • Kids that tease do so because they feel unloved and powerless

  • It is best to ignore the tease and look past their cruelty


At the end of this book, you are provided with insights and activities to assist you in strengthening your childrens' sense of strength and self-love.


Love Your Differences



In this book Terri seeks guidance from her father when she witnesses some of the local bullies harassing her friends. Dad shares insights on the beauty that rests in our differences, by illustrating how boring life would be without them. He then provides her with suggestions on how to deal with bullies. In this book, Terri learns how to:


  • Acknowledge and appreciate cultural diversity

  • Honor the richness that comes with diversity

  • Deal with her own inner self-critical bullies as well as those around her


Parenting suggestions and activities on how to deal will bullying are also provided.

Was Jesus Ever a Little Boy?



Many depictions of God are confusing for children. He is often portrayed as an old man, who sits upon a cloud, observing us and punishing us for our sins. Also, while many of us have studies the birth and death of Jesus Christ, much of His life remains a mystery. In this book Terri explores God and Jesus in a different way. She learns that:


  • Jesus was a boy like others, who knew how much he was loved

  • God is not a judge, but a wise, guiding friend your child can call upon.


To further deepen spiritual exploration, this book closes with games and activities that support your children in continuing to build upon their personal relationship with their divine.

Theresa's books touch on the problems facing our new generation and allow kids to relate to the topics in a language that is down to earth, spiritual and thought-provoking. They speak to youngsters, teachers and parents in a way that is engaging, wise and entertaining. - Kathryn Aqwa, Grade 2 Teacher 


Everybody needs to love people no matter what - unconditionally. - 7-year old Olivia on No Teasing, Please


The kids loved these books and the parent guide really taught me so much. Our children need to hear these messages, especially this day in age.  Great job! - Paul Marbach


I LOVE these books! Both adults and children alike need to learn these lessons. The captivating poetry of the writing, along with the delightful illustrations make them an easy and fun read! - Bernie M. 

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