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Choosing to Be Quiet

This week I registered for a 10-Day Slient Retreat at the beginning of July. When I met with a healer, Bharat Kalra at Crystal River Gifts in Elgin in November, he shared that my crown chakra was closed, and asserted that I need to get out of my head and go into silence. He told me about the Dhama Pakasa center, and soon after, I investigated and registered. I am both dreading and excited about this commitment. I know that I habitually get lost in my thoughts as they incessantly spin round, and round and round in my brain. While I know that I am more than my limited thoughts, I have always felt that there is a disconnect between my heart and my head. So, I am committed to bridging that gap, and I look forward to re-discovering myself in a different way! I'll keep you posted...

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